The first death related to the "Brain-Eating Amoeba" is reported in South Korea.
It is often called the "brain-eating amoeba" because it can infect the brain when amoeba-containing water goes up the nose.

The Korea Times reports that a man in his 50s died from the virus Naegleria fowleri, also known as the "brain-eating amoeba," after returning from Thailand. This is the first instance of the fatal illness in South Korea.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency was cited in a report in the News Outlet about a Korean national who passed away after traveling to Thailand. After staying there for a total of four months, on December 10 of last month, the man returned to Korea.

On the evening of his arrival, the patient started to exhibit meningitis symptoms, including headaches, fever, vomiting, slurred speech, and stiffness of the neck; the next day, he was taken to an emergency room.

He was admitted to the hospital the next day, and on December 21 he passed suddenly.


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