Must try: 6 of Indonesia's tastiest foods
You should be familiar with, or at the very least have tried, the varied cuisines of the archipelago as an Indonesian. What Indonesian specialties have you ever tried? Check it out.

1. Soto

The soto cuisine in Indonesia differs depending on the locale. Even the soup is a particular specialty in each area. For instance, Soto Kudus, which is made of buffalo meat. The most well-known ones are Soto Lamongan and Coto Makassar, both of which are renowned for their deliciousness. Prices for soto typically begin in the tens of thousands.


2. Rendang

This Padang-based cuisine, which is frequently suggested by Indonesian tour guide services because of its delectable flavor, is even the most sought-after food in the entire world. Anywhere in the world, finding rendang meal is difficult. Even if there is, it won't taste exactly like the authentic rendang from Indonesia.


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