327 People Died After the Cianjur Earthquake
Rescue team for the Cianjur earthquake was successful in locating 4 bodies at the search site. After the discovery, 327 people have died.

On Tuesday (29/11), the Cianjur earthquake rescue team was successful in locating 4 bodies at the search site. With the finding, 327 people have died.

After the M5.6 earthquake in Cianjur Regency, there are now 13 victims still unaccounted for. This occurred as a result of the village chief receiving 8 additional reports of missing people.

"4 of the bodies were discovered by the combined team, leaving 5 people unaccounted for. On Tuesday morning (29/11), however, we received reports of up to 6 additional missing victims from Cijedil Village and up to 2 additional victims from Mangunkarta Village, respectively. 13 victims have thus far gone missing in total."

The BNPB Indonesia, KemenPPPA, and UNFPA are still validating the 39,985 evacuation spots per day at 15.00 WIB. A total of 108,720 people have fled their homes, including 52,987 men and 55,733 women.

Even today, two-wheeled trucks are still used for logistical distribution to remote settlements. The logistics consist of 229 sheets of tarpaulin, 400 packages of basic necessities, 450 sheets of mattresses, 100 boxes of mineral water, 2600 kg of rice, 172 boxes of instant noodles, 18 boxes of medicines, 495 pieces of blankets, 30 pieces of worship items, 52 pieces of packaged food, and 229 sheets of tarpaulin.

Aid continues to come in from donors, non-governmental organizations, the BNPB, BPBD, and the Regional Government of Cianjur Regency.

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