Install Wincos Film Premium for cars to increase your fuel efficiency
A car may use more fuel if the AC is on all the time. The use of the air conditioner is increased because the cabin feels warm because the window film can't absorb the intense heat.

Fuel oil (BBM) cars that are inefficient or wasteful might be driven by a variety of factors. One of them is due to the AC or cabin cooler.

The engine of the car serves as the driving source for several components necessary for the operation of AC, as is well known.

The compressor drives the freon, which absorbs cabin heat. The compressor itself is powered by the engine's spin, which is transmitted through a belt.

The machine's load increases automatically. The compressor works harder to reduce the cabin temperature the more frequently it tries. The fall undoubtedly increases the risk of fuel consumption.

So how do you lessen the workload for the AC? Reduced cabin temperature is the solution.

Fuel will be used more efficiently because motors won't have to run their air conditioners at full capacity in the coldest temperatures.

Sunshine effect

Because the car will undoubtedly be driving throughout the day, this circumstance is actually not favorable. Particularly when discussing the popular lunchtime destinations and events between 12:00 and 14:00.

Due to the direct sunshine that is coming into the cabin at that time, it will feel warmer. But window film is already installed in the majority of vehicles.

"The heat from the sun will be optimally rejected if you use Wincos window film," he continued, "so that the heat in the cabin is not too high."

In those days of extreme heat, he dared to assert that his window film was superior.


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