Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Wuling Air Ev
The Indonesian automotive market has been revitalized by Wuling Air ev, which is currently the least expensive electric vehicle. Standard range model sold for IDR 238 million and long range variant sold for IDR 295 million.

Driving a Wuling Air Electric Car: First Impressions

Be prepared if fails to see the "Engine Start" button on this vehicle.

You only need to enter the cabin with the remote to begin driving. The word "Ready" will then appear on the instrument cluster once you briefly depress the brake pedal.

The car is now ready to move, but remember to change gears to the "D" position by rotating the circular knob on the center console. Next, let go of the electric parking brake.

simple to drive. Driving in this car gives off a similar feeling.

Because the dashboard is positioned somewhat low, forward view is fairly broad. This car's relatively small "bonnet" also plays a part in it.

Wuling Air ev offers consumers the option of choose between Normal, Eco, or Sport as their preferred driving mode.

But in a brief testing, there was no discernible difference in how each driving style felt. primarily in terms of braking efficiency or speed.

This car's pull generally seems linear, which means the speed increase happens quite gradually.

Expect to find very little of the "immediate torque" that an electric car stomps when you press the throttle pedal.

This composed performance, meanwhile, is consistent with the Wuling Air ev concept, which is restricted to an urban electric vehicle.

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